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Daniel Wagner

Contact me

Office I'm a PhD student at CIS UPenn studying programming languages with Benjamin C. Pierce. I live in Levine 513.
Phone 650 353 1788
Email You can write to me at dmwit.com.
Others I go by the handle "dmwit" lots of places.

Papers [bibtex]

2013-02 Edit Languages for Information Trees [postproceedings] (BX 2013), with Martin Hofmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
2011-07 Edit Lenses [slides, video] (POPL 2012), with Martin Hofmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
2011-01 Three Perspectives on Change (submitted as UPenn Written Preliminary Exam)
2010-09 Symmetric Lenses [full version, slides, video] (POPL 2011), with Martin Hofmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
2010-04 Differential Privacy for Collaborative Security (EuroSec 2010), with Jason Reed, Adam J. Aviv, Andreas Haeberlen, Benjamin C. Pierce, and Jonathan M. Smith
2010-03 The Spider Calculus: Computing in Active Graphs, with Benjamin C. Pierce and Alessandro Romanel
2006-12 Learning Projections for Hierarchical Sparse Coding, with Chaitu Ekanadham and David Ho



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