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Daniel Wagner

Contact me

Office I work at Galois, Inc..
Phone 650 353 1788
Email You can write to me at dmwit.com.
Others I go by the handle "dmwit" lots of places.

Papers [bibtex]

2022-05 BASALISC: Flexible Asynchronous Hardware Accelerator for Fully Homomorphic Encryption, with Robin Geelen, Michiel Van Beirendonck, Hilder V. L. Pereira, Brian Huffman, Tynan McAuley, Ben Selfridge, Georgios Dimou, Ingrid Verbauwhede, Frederik Vercauteren, and David W. Archer
2016-10 5Gen: A Framework for Prototyping Applications Using Multilinear Maps and Matrix Branching Programs [code], with Kevin Lewi, Alex J. Malozemoff, Daniel Apon, Brent Carmer, Adam Foltzer, David W. Archer, Dan Boneh, Jonathan Katz, and Mariana Raykova
2015-07 The Future of Voting: End-to-End Verifiable Internet Voting Specification and Feasibility Assessment Study [alternate artifacts], with Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, Judy Murray, Joseph R. Kiniry, Daniel M. Zimmerman, Philip Robinson, Adam Foltzer, and Shpatar Morina
2014-07 Symmetric Edit Lenses: A New Foundation for Bidirectional Languages [slides] (UPenn Thesis Dissertation)
2013-08 Generalizing Lenses [slides] (UPenn Thesis Proposal)
2013-02 Edit Languages for Information Trees [postproceedings] (BX 2013), with Martin Hofmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
2011-07 Edit Lenses [slides, video] (POPL 2012), with Martin Hofmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
2011-01 Three Perspectives on Change (UPenn Written Preliminary Exam)
2010-09 Symmetric Lenses [full version, slides, video] (POPL 2011), with Martin Hofmann and Benjamin C. Pierce
2010-04 Differential Privacy for Collaborative Security (EuroSec 2010), with Jason Reed, Adam J. Aviv, Andreas Haeberlen, Benjamin C. Pierce, and Jonathan M. Smith
2010-03 The Spider Calculus: Computing in Active Graphs, with Benjamin C. Pierce and Alessandro Romanel
2006-12 Learning Projections for Hierarchical Sparse Coding, with Chaitu Ekanadham and David Ho



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