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nice stuff here, very very nice
Belated Wedding Wishes. Sounds like it was the best day ever. Have a wonderful life together and best regards to all your dear family.
this website is so cute and neat =) just like your wedding! thanks for inviting me and my family again, i had a blaaaasst!
Hey Nicole & Daniel! That was the best wedding I've ever attended....everything was so beautiful, especially the bride! Please let me know how I can get a transcript of your vows....that was very-very unique! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this very special day. Luv to you both! Big David
Dear Nicole and Daniel, Thank you for the wonderful wedding celebration you invited us to. We had a great time and enjoyed the elegant ceremony, dinner/drinks, and fun dance! Congratulations and best wishes! Nakisa and Kian Kar
Dear Nicole and Daniel, Thank you for the wonderful wedding celebration you invited us to. Kian and I had a fantastic time and enjoyed the elegant ceremony, dinner/drink, and dance! Congratulations and best wishes Nakisa and Kian Kar
Congratulation Nicole and Daniel,Wish you all the best.
Looking forward to the rehearsal & dinner. It's getting closer. May you enjoy calm in the midst of all the preparations!
Glad to see website working now. I bet that wonderful boy is still inside that wonderful man. You both look so happy. Congratulations. One lovely picture of Nichol reminds me of days gone by when one of the qualities desired in a wife was good teeth. Hers are excellent. You did good Daniel. Many blessing from Vince and Bonnie Jean - New Berlin, NY
I'm sure you'll give a good meaning to what being grown up means:We love you and wish you a successfull life together.The site is great.Have a great time.
hi guys, love your invitation, it is very original. Can't wait to see you guys, love, Us.... From Texas !!!!
Congatulations Nicole and Daniel!
Congratulations guys! Wish you the best and I can't wait for the wedding.
Oh yeah......whatever they said in Farsi there below! ;-)
I'm excited for you guys and look forward to the wedding and associated parties!! ;-)
عروسیتان مبارک
love you guys! can't wait for the big party!!
Wish you a wonderful journey ahead.
Love the card, love the website. Congratulations - I'm so happy for you guys! I wish you all the best.
Congratulations! Only the very best wishes for you two!
Congratulations, you two! Very much looking forward to it!
Correction: Next June.
How exciting!!! We cannot wait to attend your wedding next year... We are so happy for both of you. Bunny cannot wait to attend her first wedding (she doesn't know we are going to leave her in the hotel).