Vacation 2009: The Finger Lakes National Forest

Daniel and Nicole strike a pose, weighted down with gear. clean with gear
A bright orange newt comes out to show off. solo newt
There was a family of newts living under the nearby log. sister newts
Nicole liked the looks of this patch of lichen. pretty plants
Daniel made Nicole take this picture. She's such a good sport. flower in Nicole's ear
Daniel shows off his walking sticks on Seneca Trail. one tall stick, one short stick, with a guy in between
It's hard to take a photograph of a waterfall. Watkins Glen is really beautiful in person, though. a typical waterfall
Nicole poses by a cute heart-shaped pool. a pool with Nicole above it
This is Teeter Pond, where Daniel and Nicole camped the night they got engaged. a typical pond
Daniel and Nicole pose by the pond the next day. aren't they cute
Nicole props up some columns made out of unusual curved bricks in Montour Falls. curved bricks
Daniel and Nicole show off in front of the lower Taughannock Falls. more of a lower trip, really
Taughannock Falls are really tall! the people show the scale
Hi, Mom! Momma Wagner
The rest of the pictures (mostly more of the same) are available here.