A Bridge from OpenFST to OCaml

It should be possible to download this bundle, then run the following commands:

        tar xf FstBinding.tar.gz
        cd FstBinding/OpenFst/fst
        cd ../..
        make test

I have to treat this project as more or less a failure so far. I learned things nobody should need to know about the internals of OCaml, but the payoff was pretty minimal. We now have bindings to a handful of useful functions in the OpenFST library; indeed, it should be pretty easy to use these to build OpenFST representations of the "get" function, and even to apply this representation to a particular string input. But, despite scouring the DOxygen documentation and the OpenFST wiki, I couldn't see any way of observing the FST representation -- it seems totally opaque! Now, of course that isn't true. I'm sure there are functions somewhere that let us inspect the FST and look at transitions, etc. I just didn't see them...

Anyway, you can check out the file FstBinding/OpenFst.ml to see what operations we have handy.